The Death Thread




@Pegasusy committed rock sit. (Assassin btw)


@Kalanaga at UFO; @IamRobert died on a Cond sorcerer doing a Bee Nest; @Pedrotarik vs Biff.


rip ppe


Why does this always happen when I get the marks for the Janus quest?


They hate us because they janus.


Wish I can give you Janus marks, even though they are SB.

A while back I faced the similar fate:


And this one: 5/8 Archer got oofed. Stupid Construct spammed Confused star that ended up making me walked to 2 Medusas.


wow 5 stars with only 581 bf, that’s pretty good


Yes, my Archer has finally reached to 5 stars after 22 tries. While my 7/8 Huntress made to 5 stars within the 1st try.


this character ^


I need a doodle of the bear crawling paladin using splendors as stilts

Edit: I got one


Here’s the clip btw… I can’t stop watching his reaction


I have died countless times trying to take a screenshot of a white bag.

I end up with no white bag, no character, but hey… I have a screenshot :sunglasses:




Forgot to equip dancing swords prism. Tped right onto it


Too many eggs in a basket. Tst tst tst.


reef boss firing double shots for some reason


@Trbc @Iluminoiti


It’s so sad how the servers are managed. I went on USW2, which was crowded at the time, and hopped into a realm. I tp to godlands, run through some gods, and notice my hp is getting a bit low. I nexus around 200hp just to be safe, and notice the nexus screen animation is taking a bit long. Worried that my character is dead, I close flash player, and reopen. Lo and behold, my archer appears as dead in my graveyard. Funny thing is, I click play, and suddenly I am in USWest. Of course. I die because the server I was on was full and the client was switching me to another server. There was no way in hell I should’ve died yet I died due to a stupid game mechanic. Not to mention, the archer isn’t even showing up in my graveyard on realmeye! Nor my character list! It just never existed. I have waited several minutes, gone on several characters to refresh realmeye, yet it doesn’t appear. This makes sense, because it was a bullshit death that should have never the first place. I am just overall tilted af because I lost my void bow, wyrmhide, reskin qot, reskin leaf bow, reskin dbow, reskin pyra, etc. etc… I hope this is somehow fixed in exalt or the near future.