The Death Thread


wow 5 stars with only 581 bf, that’s pretty good


Yes, my Archer has finally reached to 5 stars after 22 tries. While my 7/8 Huntress made to 5 stars within the 1st try.


this character ^


I need a doodle of the bear crawling paladin using splendors as stilts

Edit: I got one


Here’s the clip btw… I can’t stop watching his reaction


I have died countless times trying to take a screenshot of a white bag.

I end up with no white bag, no character, but hey… I have a screenshot :sunglasses:




Forgot to equip dancing swords prism. Tped right onto it


Too many eggs in a basket. Tst tst tst.


reef boss firing double shots for some reason


@Trbc @Iluminoiti


It’s so sad how the servers are managed. I went on USW2, which was crowded at the time, and hopped into a realm. I tp to godlands, run through some gods, and notice my hp is getting a bit low. I nexus around 200hp just to be safe, and notice the nexus screen animation is taking a bit long. Worried that my character is dead, I close flash player, and reopen. Lo and behold, my archer appears as dead in my graveyard. Funny thing is, I click play, and suddenly I am in USWest. Of course. I die because the server I was on was full and the client was switching me to another server. There was no way in hell I should’ve died yet I died due to a stupid game mechanic. Not to mention, the archer isn’t even showing up in my graveyard on realmeye! Nor my character list! It just never existed. I have waited several minutes, gone on several characters to refresh realmeye, yet it doesn’t appear. This makes sense, because it was a bullshit death that should have never the first place. I am just overall tilted af because I lost my void bow, wyrmhide, reskin qot, reskin leaf bow, reskin dbow, reskin pyra, etc. etc… I hope this is somehow fixed in exalt or the near future.


Sorry for your loss, it happened several times to me as well.

For info, the no name accounts wandering in the nexus and in the realm (usually one per realm) keeps an eye on the chat, tracking deaths. The death message only involves the name, the level and the class of the character. When the bot sees your death message, he transfers the character to your realmeye graveyard. Therefore, it’s the reason why realmeye doesn’t allows more than one class at once, otherwise Mr. Eyeball couldn’t find out who of the multiple characters of the same class died.

The in-game graveyard is connected to your account, so bot or not, if you die it’ll show on your graveyard. That’s why removing the character directly on your character selection screen will NOT update realmeye.

All that information are based on my own knowledge, and that doesn’t explains how realmeye tracks your dungeon deaths. All these information may be false.


That doesn’t make sense though, since when you die in a dungeon, your realmeye graveyard knows exactly what items you have on death, even if you switch items in the dungeon. It doesn’t simply transfer your character to the graveyard, since your realmeye only updates equips on nexuses.


If a player never goes back into the nexus after dying, RealmEye wouldn’t know about the death, but as soon as next time we load in, the bots (if they are online) can read from our account the fact that our graveyard got another death in it, what our fame was, what achievements we got, and what items we died with. This death info is permanently imprinted onto our game account, and the game broadcasts it (silently) to all other players, and it’s this info that RealmEye’s bots read and transfer onto the website. RIP.

Edit: this post: RealmEye information gathering? has a bit more detailed info.


I removed my huntress from my character selection screen (don’t worry it was fresh, just i wanted to play priest instead) and it never showed on my realmeye graveyard.

If you want to look inside, it’s too late because i clicked on the “Dead” button.


Yes that’s consistent, because removing/deleting a character in-game via the char selection is not a death (no gravestone, no account fame, etc). The game retains the info about the alive character, but stops it appearing as one we can select. This is actually how Deca is able to restore a deleted character, because they only have to push the character’s intact info back into the selection choice. Dying causes a whole bunch of interlinked changes to happen to our account data, which can’t be easily undone.

Because chars deleted from the in-game menu aren’t deaths, that’s why they don’t show up on RealmEye graveyard, because RE literally copies what info is in our game account deaths. Remembering off the top of my head, deleted characters show up in our account death data as something like char#202: ‘character is missing’.


Some O2 RIPs, @PyXoo and then @ITzRapiddz in the same suns phase. @EpicPeco in a different O2.

A Rock Dragon fight killed @Tacolordxx and @Schwein. It’s really one of the worst events to overcome HP scale on in a solo/small group, especially with RD 2.0 is immune to status effects (even slow! why!). This was a 30/85 realm but most everyone else were new players/levelling. RIP.

@Grolden at a Dwarf Miner; and @GCSE got sat on by Davy why am I always mixing them up JBilgewater.


Priest get oofed. Slapped heal too late. I was carrying 3 Def pots, 3 Att and 1 Spd pots. 4 star Priest now.


Sat on by Dreadstump*