The Death Thread


Stone mage exploded on his head.


Well here it goes my 6/8 knight he was so cool ; , (

I can’t believe he died, I was in an Abyss (I’m good at rushing those) and well I must of accidentally been standing in lava while fighting a mob of stuff, and then I either clicked the wrong button or the nexus button didn’t respond.

Rest in peace I was planning to farm up an army and I only raised a wizard and a priest, haha good times. RIP my friend RIP.


I think LoneBear has taken a picture of every single death he’s ever witnessed.


Don’t smoke weed and rush OT’s.


RIPs stored from July after Kabam forum closed:

@QVault @JKENT


@Rapiddogs @PLOPPERjnr

@Emptymindd @Monkeysjjt

-dragging to train

-assassin went afk he said, & werelions ate him


It all started here:

Thanks to the person who took this screenshot and told me about a death thread existing… sadly I do not recall your name :confused:


My! What a fine handsome fellow that is in that pic.


You’re kidding me… that’s not actually you is it?


Suicided to get yellow star.


Died on priest dragging gods to the train.


Going deep at O2.

Pony welcome in the 3rd room. Rip bracer.


Did a couple Manors with him today, had a nice puri priest on the make, Ripped on the WC rush.


Couple deaths of my friends and I. Well… maybe not couple :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell me if this is too much. This is my first post


Archer RIP with QoT. Rock Dragon Bats EP strikes again.


Farewell brave knight

EDIT idk why its so big but if u click on it it’ll take u to the place


You should look at

so good


8/8 knight 3.7k base death to going afk on beach and getting dragged on in oryx castle. Rip buddy we had a good 2 year stretch




Rest in piece brave Founder rogue… though odd to see a grave here. :disappointed:


I never had the dedication to max any of my characters before this Mystic. This was my very first attempt at just maxing a single stat, and I never would’ve imagined that this Mystic would snowball into a 6/8.This Mystic is both durable and brutal, plowing through many trials, melting enemies while toughing up hard-hitting shots.

Unfortunately, I also never would’ve imagined that this Mystic couldn’t survive a shotgun from a lowly Oryx Minion. Rest in peace, Mystic. :cry: