The Death Thread




Does this count?


unrelated question: how do you nexus on your phone


Press the button.


the temple one?




(rip first ubhp)


Tough week for me


A PPE that got fairly far. No max stats, but decent equips: T9, T4, T13, T5 dex.
A sacrifice for the BeeworkTM!


Red Skull = Mrunibro
Gamora = Seelpit’s Samurai PPE
Thanos = @Seelpit
Soul Stone = beework


@johnh rekt lmao


initially this was going on the stalking realmeyers, but… ;):wink:


big f best popper ever. Not on forums doe. Still deserves an f bc i got tshot.


First 6/8 character that I actually had to grind for weeks on. You guys probably had a bunch of these deaths, but it was the first for me.


Lessons Learned:

  • Don’t sit on Septavius even at full max
  • Don’t goddamn use a Demon Blade when killing Septavius
  • Don’t be a silly and cocky

:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

I really regret this moment. A friend and I were having a competition and I was doing so well. I got my first Deca, a Soulless (got the full Mystic ST), and I got to feel what it was like to have an inv full of precious items. The only thing I could think of when I saw the death screen was, “This is where my peak falls.”

Learn from my death, everyone. Don’t do what I did.

I’ll be on in a few days when I’m over this. Please don’t call me a noob for taking this so seriously. It’s my first time.

(editing memes and stuff actually make me feel better after deaths, don’t judge)

Curse of Christmas. No wonder the Grinch hated Christmas so badly.


i had to experienced all deaths once before i learned to stop dying to them.

Also first death to garnet, because usually i didnt do them because of this.

this always happens… i dont die for like 3 weeks and then i die a bunch in one day.

@unicorn your fault


Recommendation: Don’t put UBHP’s on 2/8s.


If you’re using decas on 4/8s, you don’t deserve to have them in the first place. Or its the curse I paid Unicorn to cast on you doing its thing.

Either way, I’ll hold onto them for…uhh…safekeeping.


lol, i have a exa hp on my 7/8 mystic

i usually use ubhp, but i didnt have any at the moment.


Got a bunch of deaths stocked up, dump time!

@Olivette Unfortunately, being a major donator does not grant invincibility against a high monk’s deadly shotgun, even when circling.

[@]DrawBlood And blood was drawn! …they died in the process.

@Aizeh and [@]LTcobalt As well as a 6/8 a second later. Someone went through middle.

[@]Kitmeeler Gods around Sphinx can be either a minor annoyance…or your demise.

[@]Psychogodd Not so much a god, clearly.

[@]OrxMAuLer Unfortunately, crystals are not Orx.

@AlRatOnly Dance is tough to get into if you’re far away.

[@]Jeulox Don’t rush Skull Shrines!

@EkkoIsLife hmm today I will go deep at Oryx 2

@Sharko Nerf! Sun! Please!


rip my best ppe ever
jesus christ why whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
rip 11 primals lol
only primals I had
fuck this event, I just lost all the progress I had on it
was ninja #454 before it died


Stupid yellow shots. RIP my first 5/8.