The Death Thread


Room my ppe
Screen froze and i suffocated


My highest base fame yet :’)

At least I made 21st on the legends!

Yep, one star closer to yellow :slight_smile:


oh my fcking god, i just cant believe this
i should definitely definitely check my memory usage of this $%^$%^ game
the game just froze when im teleporting, in a panic mode i just close the flash player but my rouge still died
killed by a fcking ghost god, and lost all my swapouts too, stinger and mg cloak

man, i should always open task manager to monitor the mem usage of this awesome game


theres an ingame option for that already


Bro. Everyone makes it to 21 on leaderboards, if that wasn’t a /s.


Trying to drag Gulplord away from everyone else did not go so well for @Dadabam


That’s a pretty big rip right there. Dadabam probably forgot Gulpord likes to blow up players when he sits on them.


Possibly did not realise that with half a dozen or so players HP scaling meant it would take way longer to kill him on his own. It was a close thing – took no time to kill him after Dadabam’s solo effort.


rip you got a mark




dang, what is the name of that option?

also how often does this game froze up suddenly? i want to avoid such bullshit death like this
i remember that im in a new realm, and then teleporting to the middle of gland, and theres bunch of gods, is it godwall that causing the flash player to freeze? or because i force the game to load the map because of my teleportion?




Deaths in the Ice Cave event:
@FaILaRn @Likeabogg @Goemar @Sebazius @Jeltzz


controls>toggle performance stats lets ou set a hotkey for it
which, upon activation, then show this little window grafik
in the upper left corner, where “MEM” stands for memory.

The game will definetly crash if you let the memory get high enough (like 1500 I guess, depending on your specs).


Nooo I just saw this
Why did you screenshot that one it’s so embarassing :frowning:


I live to cause suffering.

And to eat nachos.

Mostly the suffering thing, though.


ok thats neat, thanks


Lol nah I was just messing, ik that


I’m back fellas, with a 6/8 death this time (or in other words, my only other level 20 character.
Now I know what you’re thinking;
‘Medusies, weren’t you just on the thread a few days ago, with an 8/8 huntress?’
‘Doesn’t that make you horrible at the game?’
‘Are you single? :smirk:

So. Close.

Yeah yeah, I probably deserve it for using a Northern Lights on a priest.

I don’t know if that semicolon was used properly, someone please correct me if it wasn’t.

Also shoutout to @Wordo or being a real G after my death, offering me equipment and sniff emotional support.


nile is one of the best rings on priest bro dont worry