The Death Thread



I had 3 marks of Oryx, 5 marks of Geb, and 1 Mark of Para; I was also carrying several assorted stat pots and was 3 mana off of 7/8. Only one key from this event. I was 40 TF off of 5 stars, too!


Was typing to @Slicewound about fame characters, but another cruasde dragged behind. @ThatsMyJam tried to stun it but the armor break and minions got me. Luckily, I saved ogmur and bracer in vault beforehand. “_”



@Fye rip :^(


This was pretty painful…

I had my head in the clouds


F. In the glands tho?


I was training. I was also watching anime. :sob:


Does private trains still exist? what are the criteria of joining?


lolcdepths xd

Weekend Chest Events - Woodland Labyrinth & The Crawling Depths CEs + Realm Open/Close Events! [Jan 18th to Jan 22nd]


@Raahe @MacMuffiin


Lag got out of hand. Usually i’m the one to die from that.


Death dump time, in the middle of testing period.

[@]Creepmania In the words of Uncle Dane, “look out it’s a…boomer”

[@]SimSenpai Lovely Tombs. Been doing those more lately, weird.

[@]Goomoogoo A victim of winter.

[@]Mrblubkop Half-victim of winter, and a purple…being…entity…thing.

@Nickqwert I was quite astounded at how messy these people do these. Like, bitch, you fight like this?

[@]TheKaraken, [@]Vasibro ;

and @CastanhoxD and [@]Toressmo in such a messy run, again.

@ImSad Is this the reason for the username? Potentially.

[@]MastaWinda 5 years

[@]LordOfLait Well, I guess that’s all our milk down the drain. Oh well.
Lait is French for milk, if you didn’t know.


A lot less funny when it turned out one of the 8/8s who died had 6 more keys on him.


[@]Mavis I did an Encore, ended up soloing because a dark blue star Warrior (who fairly obviously got his gear either through RWT, trading too much, or straight up buying it) couldn’t figure out how to dodge actively.

[@]KeyTrader A dark blue star with an 8/8, that started playing again 2 months ago…yet didn’t even know about Tearing Frost. I’m seeing a few red flags here…

I also did a Thicket just now. [@]DeathFishz Couldn’t make it in time.

[@]Lolgodtrol Counter-trolled. @Cryptbros If Xolotl were a cryptid…then he’d no longer be your bro…
Before any more assumptions of me talking to myself here, I ended up together with someone on an NPE account. So, that was cool.
A later attempt at another Encore just now ended up in a dc during Chaos & Pain :)))


@WOOtist wtf


@Squeekas in a random Thicket during the Reef/ICave event;
@Rikygalax in a random MGM during the Wlab/Depths event;
@DogeButchr, @Blabloobla, @WingedNigh at O2:


I caught the plague from the recent Reddit posts.


Theres a lot more… I’ve died a lot


The RNG gods’ way of dishing out karma from all those recent LH whites.


all of the 5/8 and 6/8 and 3/8 chars were maxed in life mana too

Also I got skull and sourcestone today :smiley: