The Death Thread


You can lodge with us until I find you a new home.




If shatter wasn’t /s’ing, I red army is happy to let you new home.
But fluff asked first so he got you first.


One day late.

Sorc isn’t my fav class, but this one was undoubtedly the most satisfying char I’ve ever played (maybe not more my dead 6/8 pally). With this amazing boi I got three whites (FDBA, DBlade, Pyra) in ONE DAY, all of which I will use for my future Knight.

During my great time, I have seen again that having all of these great equip is really nice and awing, but the thing that matters most is the will to do something and put effort into that. I mean look at my stats: 0/8. Look at my equip: trash. Look at my stupidity: unimaginable.

How I Died

Five (according to math) players (including myself) went into LOD. Someone activated Feargus early, and two players exited (one to the Nexus, another through the death screen). Funny enough though, the player who died was the one who activated Feargus (lmfao), BUT THAT’S NOT AS IMPORTANT AS MY GLORIOUS DEATH.

So it was left to me and two archers (both with morning star bows). We managed to kill Feargus. We probably should have gone for an easier dragon and skipped Pyyr (and ivory ofc), but I was like, “Naw, being the tryhard I am, I’ll trio Pyyr ANYday.”…It doesn’t take a genius to know that I didn’t survive.

One of the two archers escaped to the Nexus (im not sure about the other), and I was stuck in the Lava Phase (look it up in RealmEye). The minions were constantly poking (more like stabbing) me for like 100 dmg per shot so while Pyyr was spamming out his giant 250 dmg shots, instead of Nexusing, I made a perilous decision: RUN TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RING.

I was at probably 100-200 HP when I was dashing to the other side (QUEUE THE DRAMATIC MUSIC), spamming my HP pots (lag stopped this). I nearly made it (more like i moved three steps, but minor difference) when BAM!..I survived!..Oh, nevermind, that was the lag, I did die.

Probably exaggerated, but who cares?


Im down to help you max :smile:


Nah, I got a good amount of Decas and life pots. About how many Decas does it take to fully max a Knight?


Straight up? 5-6.
In a cheap manner? 3-4.


You are not able to consume decas.

If you need Acclaims etc hit me up my mules are fit to burst


:roll_eyes: u know what i mean

ill take a few. i do need an acclaim for later.


Lagging badly and was afk. Rip first 8/8 ppe.


Another legend is born, rip Magnitude.
(leaderboards will be reset during unity port rip)


glawi I give gift to you okay
As ceremonial gift


Rest in peace… I knew when we traded today that I’d seen you on the forums.


Yeah you looked familiar. But didn’t really bother to dig far into it.


What’s their placement, #3?
(I can’t check, so ;P)




Playing at night when you’re tired proves to be disastrous once again.

May the courageous soul that granted me a Fulmi, a DBow, and 2 Expos rest forever among the stars.

I went for the loot bag, forgetting about the stars that collide together after Skuld’s death.


Had an almost-oof today when I found out that when the MBC wall closes, so does the entire Defender room. This was discovered as our group was backing up from a crusade and we discovered that going backwards was no longer a thing.


Had an actual oof today. Turns out that armor break minions aren’t fun to stand on. Who’da thought?


Rip :c I’ve also had my fair share of culty bois showing me who’s top in the relationship