The Death Thread


oh no! was that the dude i saw in the lh we did?


I think you saw my trix. That was the room-skipping run, right?


Just clearing glands was at 400 hp and 2 medusas hit me with the aoe…
Very sad rn.



[insert “can’t die in cultist if you dont do cultist” here]


[insert “can’t die in realm if you don’t play realm” here]


[insert “can’t die in life if you don’t play life” here]



rip me
Died on the permafrost lord’s rage phase
Btw my first 8/8 died in an ice tomb


Btw this was temple in realm, with over 45+ people


Oof. It looks like someone unaware of how Daichi attacks was informed of a… certain ‘safespot’.


Do u mean the spot which MattStas thought as safe?

Btw this ss is old af.


@Lolydylano Unfortunately shotgunned. (Temples sure are popular death spots in this area…)


There an event or something?


Yeah: Tinkerer Event - Davy Bee Jones & Oryx Slayer


rip lost my 6/8 trickster due to lag.


@xryuzaki oof



Best fame I’ve ever had? (Almost 19k) First Halls white? (Died with it on) A PPE with really big potential? (Upwards of 40 whites) Nah, who needs any of that when you have BS deaths.


Oof. What happened :frowning:


Oh I was lagging

@JohnMH ripjohn


I know this is 3 months or so late, and someone may have mentioned it already, but that archer has a very low defense set. I wouldn’t be surprised if they just assumed they were fine and got rekt by stacked shots from those greater pit vipers, It wouldn’t be the first 8/8 ive seen die that way.