The Death Thread


I’m a moron.

Walked over the sentinel like you do if you’re a dumbass, except I did it when people killed the last titanium, instantly resetting the shots’ timing.

Meaning I got popped. People spammed me after that for being bad lmao.


I was a bit too ambitious. Charged into a room of Corrupted Armor Stands to take them out, but the room before that wasn’t cleared…
Oh well, had a good run.


Maybe you wouldn’t have died if you used a t4 hp ring >:(


Health rings are overrated, I don’t need more health which will just lead to more regenning, thus a longer fight and less frequent buffs due to the wis and mana loss, leading to an even longer fight


…i’m not going to say anything.
visit my graveyard and laugh in my absolute misery


I’d rather have a longer fight than be dead tbh.


It was a good run, but now it’s at rest :pensive:

Out of the lot, this one was something special


Didn’t watch your health? Shotgunned by Cube God, then finished off? Armor broken?


Cubes were all stacked on one tile (centre of the Hermit set piece and apparently they were stuck like that for a good 2 minutes) and I was the first person to get to it, so my HP went from 960 to 0 in literally a second, no time to actually react.
If I could do something differently it would’ve been keeping as far away from that cube stack as possible because there’s no way you could get near (outside of a large group of players) and survive.


It wasn’t a sorc


Well I mean, Sorc was my favourite class but this managed to change my opinion in a matter of 2 days.



Overconfidence leads to death

Note- This was my 2nd archer, not my main one.


Sees a Wilhuff post with an archer on the death screen


Sees fame





Thanks! Edited.


Jesus that gave me a lil spook


@divineoryx rip


I guess its restart time for me.


What got you to do this?


i think
im going to take a break from realm
gg rip colo sword ddom and reskin csword