The Death Thread


Idk I just went into realm wanting to kill my chars. I slightly think it was worth, and rotmg got boring so I wanted a fresh start. Kinda gives me a challenge again in rotmg.


When are you paying your court settlement for stalking me?


To truly start over you need to drop everything in your vault :smile:


2 deaths in a week. I’m bad at this whole being observant thing.


Btw spend fame soon cause of erase of account fame when unity comes out


I already did my pet yard is now legendary and pet is legendary. Now I have only 220 fame left. And I can truly say I did my pet f2p.


guess whos warrior is better now BITCH


@GGaodzilla Fyi <3


Look okay I’m getting the money


Ok looked at my pally again. I really regret that. I think I was too sleepy to think, but its too late and now I get a fresh start.


I hate bots in USWest2 (thats why I had to cover it up)
@divineoryx btw


ok, now this is epic


Noo my friend why!!!



While I wasn’t extremely pissed when it happened, I really wish I had been more careful since there was a conflict orb in my inventory. Now my graveyard doesn’t look that sexy :confused:

Was running to a cultist during the final shotgun phase and didn’t realise I was standing on one. Oops.


This trickster got me Breast plate and yellow star. Can we get a F in chat?


Also raid leader dced so a new guy or random player in the void took over. (who didn’t know what was going on and was high af) killed many people. This was before I killed my trickster.
also rip guildie @IawkwardI )’:


I made that mistake on my disposable archer a few days ago. Like I said, overconfidence in LHs leads to death.


You give me insight into the game. I lost a 3/8 assassin (who somehow lived longer than I was expecting) and went through a phase on my own island with 2 melees.

no big deal, 6 hp pots right?
forgets he gave 4/6 to a rusher



I find that overconfidence is my main killer right now. I think that I’m invincible, and then some minion of Oryx proves me wrong.