The Death Thread


Lol imagine dying in a LOD


imagine dying in Shaits




I died in Shaits so I am more bad than you


[@]Testiman Got absolutely shotgunned.

[@]Autoknight Knights, despite being able to stun, don’t always do so.

@Skucky W-What are you saying? I…I didn’t kill him!! I swear!!!

[@]SaMyKoThe Incompetent Knights are too scared to stun O2 while he’s Decoy’d. Despicable.


Fucking christ.
I wanted to be cool and EP Janus in the small window of time that you can safely stand on him, but of course I mistime it.
Can I stop being such a fucking idiot for once with EPs?

There goes my last Star Mother and winter Staff.


Ouch :frowning:


EP = Staff of Extreme Prejudice
more like
BD = Staff of Bad Decisions


I mean ever since I gave up on EP my lifes been much better, let’s break the EP addiction eh? x)


this guy has sentry cloak but can’t get 20 primal



Jam why the fuck didn’t you just click off of the chat and move off of the pure evil???
Big rip :pensive:


I was committed. Look at what I was typing!

I was doing the Lord’s work, you simpering fool.


You could have done the Lord’s work two seconds later after you made sure his messenger wouldn’t die, you overzealous nincompoop :stuck_out_tongue:



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@BoGaLP 6/8 that could not complete Chase. Seriously, when is this getting a nerf?

I later died too during Dance because of buggy circling minions getting stuck on the wall while @Nevov cheesed through Chase. Oh well, a fun Boots Mystic.


RIP! :sob:



why am I like this I come back after like a month break realm realm