The Death Thread


Sure why


when r u on?


Hahahaha :sweat_smile:
Protted then went to sit on him and didnt realize it did so much damage.
Oh well.


image @Ecookied




@KingVolk i think? If its not someone tag him C:


@OLtribe Another mysteeeerious godlands death…

@Nojussss Attempted Crystal break tank. Result: failure.

@DugongLord The opener, unfortunately :c

@VRetaliate Unfortunate victim of Egyptian gods ‘n godess’ rage.


This man died as he lived: with a dream in his heart, a t2 bow in his hands, a harley on his shoulders and a nile on his finger. Oh, how we shall miss you.


this dood thought hugging bilgewater at last phase was gud idea


I cri




The perspective made the names on those two graves combine together, it was @ArcadeR and @Inning:


@EddyOrk @HotCheerio A stasised key that decided not to despawn. Rest in peace.


@Timeling and @DarkSoullX:


Geb was in the rage phase and jumped on him last second @HarryJose

Im gonna assume he got armor broken then took a phat shot gun from the boss. @Luannn

Slid into Slime tentacle :sob: @Mechavirus


props to the guy who dragged 10-15 of those things into the boss room, didn’t even have the time to react


Some Avatar deaths @EpicMrMan @Maredon @Alhelm @Nosklll
And some watery deaths @Tequhella @Klokeh @GustavoBet @ButterJam @Sabonete @Qwasxy

(late upload, from February)


@Ecookied, pally ppe. Could not withstand the power.


@Trodaire got paralyzed by one of the clones and was taken down like many before. He will be missed :cry:


I was not paying attntion :frowning:
Void bow, vile, and nil…