The Death Thread


stolen from pub halls discord.
Caption: Janus wasn’t having a good day…


Got yellow star, not even mad





Oryx : You like laughing at others ?

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Can’t even stay with a 8/8 longer than 3 hours.


Karma is a merciless master: time to rebuild!


Thanks, mate


@Luteiscool and @Miroha:


The realm just closed while we were inside - me and a warrior were heading back to the spawn.
Alas, poor Jolko could not finish this task!


Rip my ppe only good thing i got was a double white (pyra,sphinx)


What? You turned off your autonexus?


What? I tped to someone who called cland, but they were in a gwall.


Saw you autonexus yesterday.


I already explained to you and rn all I can do is go to realmeye. Writing to my 9th grade yr old son in the future. Anyway is this another way that you can force ppl to pay you life?

  1. I don’t buy your story
  2. No, unless you want me to do so.


Ok then explain to me what about my story?


Witnessed it myself.


You know what my class just ended and I have to go, spread your rumors idc!




Skip runs aren’t quite my cup of tea.
I zoomed out for a bit, and before I knew it, I was dead.
Oh well! Bunch of space cleared, though it was too bad for that Shendyt.


@Cindeh died to assassins

@Sxxkitten suffocation got him

@CezarXDX Sat on by the bees

@Xpedoberx that ice dragon thingy got him

@colorblast didnt know how to dance with oryx

@heibunny backed out mid dance

@TheAlekey was hugging the Stone Guardians

@Lancslad got to close to the Jade Statues

@KekmitEck ran with the eyes

@THETEMLACK Tried to swim in lava (Hacked Clients aren’t good learn from this guys mistakes. Play Legit!)