The Death Thread


@Beastey dies to EUEast on EUWest


@Haydss and @UnitySenzu get sat on by chicken oryx. Rip


Got rubberbanded very bad, big sad





@FreeChild Is no longer free.

Argh :dog2:


Wouldn’t he be free?
Since you know…
he’s dead.


@DeadLame Died lamely. Not sure if they trolled me hard with this or if they were just unlucky.

And now for some older RIPs, cause I haven’t been active on this thread lately.

@Xxpvpamk Early update deaths aren’t too rare.

@ThatOneDad You’ve probably seen this a couple times already - train overruns person.

@EsAasi Perhaps this was a Bee-cident…perhaps not…

@Seyza Completely obliterated by some Cubes Spheres!

@Nardole Suicide? Attempted tank? We’ll never know.

@Fortyu Just a Storm phase rip. Move along, now.

@Whitekiler The return of the train! (Let’s…actually hope it doesn’t return…)

The Achievement Thread



@Pentaract was rotating with him during that one phase he spits out those waffles. MBC went into group and he the unlucky person to get nuked.


MBC has those moments lol


Oryx the Mad God> You have razed my Pentaract!


;-; just maxed dex and was maxing wis before rubberbanding and getting sat on by Septavius


from yesterday, rip @BLUbeans

I know I already posted in the guild disc don’t bully me


“Hey, let’s try to solo MBC on my ppe… but here’s the kicker. Let’s NOT nexus on pati phase when we get paralyzed next to the boss! Brilliant!”

idk why my glow wont show up ;-;


That’s one less archer vying for my position in the top archers.


There’s the glow




he had scutum deca and fplate




Me: MBC isn’t that hard, just dodge
Also me:

(was doing pretty good with dodging and then ran over some shit lmao)