The Death Thread


Story of the Year awarded to…

Survivor !


Jesus christ that’s some toxic guildies smh


That honestly sucks man. Same kind of thing happened to one of my first 7/8s, was in a ddocks and rushed into the grotto portal with a mob of minions behind me. I was stuck on the loading screen for an eternity so I restarted my game and I apparently died before I entered the portal but it didn’t register in time. I was sooo fucking mad.


My brother just told me that the reason tapping to click didn’t work is because my nexus key was being pressed.

While a key is being pressed, you can’t click by tapping for some reason.



72 OTs 3 cbows, 0 ctraps.
No Halls nor discord servers were allowed in the guild ppe contest.


RIP Peter Mayhew, actor of Chewbacca.



@Gyikszemu, @Farmerobot, @Reachguy, @ILagHehe + two or three more whose graves had already disappeared.


Whats wrong with your player?



First time in a week. Restarting Flash Player fixed it.

Missing icons/art

I thought you guys were those box rogues


That looks like the doing of a Medusa wall


nope. Crystal and lag. You can see the mark the Crystal leaves at the top of the screenshot. I teleported immediately after the deaths/lag and did screenshots while there were still ponies around, but the crowd stopped me getting a good screenshot and I came back a few mins later.


That’s just embarrassing.


dies from yellow bee

Me: Thinking Face on Twitter Twemoji 12.0

goes back to main menu

Me : hmmface1 credit to whoever made this thinking face

I… I through the Deca gods gave me… a second life…

Trivial Issues Thread


yknow what nevermind


Oops sorry. Credit to whoever that made this thinking face.


Couldn’t quite get the names, but you gotta be careful of what you run over.

@Hydroshad, @MSandul, and @Court died to some assassin lag.

@Flashboost Also stood on something bad.


(Why am I still an orange star on Realmeye XD)


Log in and out of realmeye


Hell Ya suicide my 8/8 rogue