The Death Thread


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@DerFex & @EmoGrofl to a rampaging red tribesman (he really does move around)
@Vilethorn in the Nest event
@Xalmadius our para clearing didn’t go well :frowning:
@NimrodTB at a Ship
@Explex not sure if deliberate at Ava
@Truskawek at O2
& @ZXCVNoob and others at O1.


First time in Cursed Library, eh?







speeeeeeee ded


So… My 6/8 priest(with 2 whites on him) died… To the rising suns phase…

Before I was like 'stop complaining about the new phase, just dodge, get in the close triangle", but after one bullet hit me and as I was pressing heal, the sun exploded into 5, totalling 750 piercing damage in literally an instant… and I was cherry picking from wand distance… AIDs


thats your problem then




I can’t beleive I managed to get a roll that shit lol


@Loshie – looked like a DC, just stood there on < 20% hp for a few seconds, pet stasised, as I tried to kill all of the minions


Well, I got sleepy and this happened… Oh well.


NICE The standard shaitans lava death @Breezze



@BRMarauder @WShader



Feelsbad for my guildy. He lagged when tping and died. Looks like he died on the beach.


I see. It was because he was using gem.


Made sense to me, cuz the 3rd time I went balls deep on oryx as to carry everyone else, I got insta raped, before I even walked more than a tile in


Wasn’t looking at my screen and was standing still during paralyzing rotation shots. Only gonna miss my St armor. :frowning:
But good fame for my soon to 2nd max legendary.


afk on beach is dangerous