The Death Thread




Not yet.


Let it be known that Yellow Phase 1 is still fucking garbage.
Why does the Queen get to suddenly spawn like 4 Yellow Killer Bees immediately, that dish out an instant 130 damage per shot? Why can she paralyze-lock you with ease? What makes this fair?


Yea they always send you the same damn automatic message “unfortunatly…”



what happened in that last one lol



I like that suspicious cropping.

Not as much as I like the lack of shadows, though.




Sorry for barreling you my guy


So you are that type of person huh
Jk it was probs an accident


@STEAMYSHAD @OgutsO @XMrWafflex @Lothen I guess 3 bomb phase is hard?



@FoxTheFur got hit by a key after a mystic stasis.


Some victims during Totalia’s week in the sun:
@SoraNoGame @AnkitRoy @Cathairst

& guildie got sat on in first run in a Malogia, in the last phase before final boss :cry: so close! @Bobolo



^Triangle of deaths, illuminati confirmed


No! Not the default red samurai brother in arms. RIP, I will carry on the torch of default red samurai for him.

PS sorry for late reply.

Some WC RIPs from last week up to today:

@Peponi (twice - I think they opened also), @ShyPL and others, @Boobwatch @MaxFRA, and @Splavocado (I ninjad @Seelpit to the posting this time).



@Solars Lol

I know this guy irl, you captured him in his moment of shame