The Death Thread


You can’t get hit by the same shot twice


It did tho.


:cry: I just don’t understand…


Its damage is increased.


rEEEEEE got confused and ran into him. Rip cutter and harly, my first of both >:[. And not even max def…(and got no fame as well)


Fuck’s sake.


that poprock REKT


Was that just one poprock?


I think it was actually either 2, or 1 that lagged and shot multiple times


ive seen a lotta death

and one of my own

also some assorted screenies that i didnt filter out lol


holy shit thats a lot of screenshots


its been a while




Use your scrollbar and scroll all the way from the bottom to the post above yours lmao


Those things are vicious


RIP 8/8 Priest with my first nile, pyra, st abrahams, and puri.
You will be missed.


friend’s ss but deserves a place here anyway (deca FIX LAG)

Also @Hyeperion stalked


Yeah, I should post my one of those here too. Flying Flaming F…

Cost me 3.5k base setback in progress, though seemingly won’t matter a lot by the end, and big upside to that derping is it paid for several pet family changes (1k per) so an easy path to MH/H rare. And without Fulmi sorc isn’t very useful in a big mob of players anyway; I’ve been enjoying the replacement mystic I made much more.


ME : now deca buffed ST sets and make them stronger, i need to play safe while equip them


3 8/8’s in 2 days lol :frowning:
Paladin- Instapopped by stacked shots in pot room
Knight- Sat on pop rock
Warrior- Not paying attention, cru got me