The Death Thread





@XPDAxTouch Kinda just stood there while the boss sat upon him. Rest in pieces.


…aaaaaaand another couple of players who got sat on. This time, it was right at the beginning of the Ivory fight.

@Gynecology @TheMrDR




A fitting name…


This has made my day, ty




Top 10 close calls of all time, 2019, colourized


@Qwefb Thats an oof.


You can easily survive that tho


im just trying to meme


I’m just trying to meme



Died while trying to rush an abby :man_facepalming:
Had bee dagger, etherite and 3/4 of the trik set


fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

legit jsut put on my scutum and resu

fuck you shaitan’s lair

rip 6/8



I feel you, I put a scutum resu and whole oryx set and other things. Died 4/8 I think life and mana candies used



also i was having a shit ton of fun on this character and i just got insta’d… kind of a nasty surprise. i had great things planned for this boi. Oh well :woman_shrugging:


An absolute mess of an O1 right here. Perhaps humans have regressed over the years.

@Kyzz, @Nickolaiso

@Puggyduggy, @DwarfSex, @Dennlqmm

@YeMam, @FarmVillee This phase is really not that hard…

@Jackpotd Foolishly ran after O2 in the hallway, not expecting a bounce-back. Featuring a spooooky white Oryx!


is it just me or does spoooooky white oryx actually look pretty cool