The Death Thread


Very painful, evidently. I saw them opening ddocks keys earlier.


old but i do not think has been posted here

@Niegil killed by @Unicorn



-Niegil, right before dying


i found this image from linkii


If you go on the discord gifs and search rotmg that’s the first one.




They all died at once.


I was fucking charging my phone and when i saw i was at low health, spammed spacebar but didnt work


dying in midlands xD


that is cem.
I know cuz i just died to it


and thats how you don’t do it

Edit: 761 mem wtf


Ngl, was expecting @Unicorn to die due to his flagrant melee abuse.




I was also expecting him to die as punishment from the universe for using omni on warrior


rip. btw 700 mem is ok for flash clients i think its the steam people who have ridic. low mem, i usually restart at 1k

@wilhuff no im not dying on this thing this time around, been playing very safe.

isn’t this set like the most beautiful thing though


Why does Mynamerr have your video, and you have his death screenshot? :thinking:


:cold_sweat: totally not account sharing


Exposed :frowning:


candy is bad


cough @CandyShi cough