The Death Thread


I plead the 5th


i plead no u


@CrayKiller I got Shiny Mothim.


gime i want it


killed in action…


I actually have no words

this makes me feel worse than both times i lost event whites together because I actually farmed so hard for this


A late few pics: from last month’s Nest & Tomb chest/Keyper event:
@TheClck @Askill @UpsyD
a couple from parasites:
@Hugzone @EdwinEpicc
and earlier in November a UFO and couple of misc Nests:
@Liammitch @ALECYDARQ @Joscoolboy

Nest/Tomb chest/Keyper event:


Misc November RIPs:


TPed to miner, instantly died



Global warming may be no joke, but had it kicked in sooner here, @FreshCo might still be with us.

@CoffeeCool was just a little too eager for the troom and died a speed demon.

@Soov I’m not sure I have to explain this one.

And a couple Keyper deaths, featuring @TimkaBimka and our very own @Leohe.


@InfamousX You are NO Knight of Ren.


Yeah, I got cocky and tanked all the shots


was using shit mouse and playing on kong. Ended up scroliing down (so I could no longer see screen) instead of aiming…


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And let @Bleed’s sacrifice remain unrecognized?


bleed is such an OG name lmao


rip in chat for @Delbin. I remember he popped keys for us during the wlab prismimic event

Honorable mention to @Goomydoom


Oh fuck, shots do come from nowhere



OwO what’s this?