The Death Thread


I AM due for a death soon with how I’ve been playing lately…

And how dare you call me by my inferior twin’s name!


One run.


I was in that very same run.

Why aren’t you on my lock-list ?!





Angry conflict noises


@Xsplitopl I teleported and suddenly, they died. So, uh, that happened.



fuck fuck fuck

time to kms


I’d call it deserved, but it isn’t, so that’s a big F from.a fellow Huntress :c


Well it was getting kind of boring, and I have 2 backups so it’s not THAT big of a loss (rip only deca tho).

I’ll try making arc later, but huntress is still my favorite class, and I had a lot of goals on it that were unfinished. At least I got some fame for pet feeding :confused:


(8/8) @DDtheduck and (4/8) @AquaDucker As it turns out, literal suns and server lag don’t pair well together.

Not in this picture, but died as well (0/8s): @Vaginaboy, @Goranthebe, and @NaiqerHYPE


What the fuck is wrong with me? Rip 7/8, bulwark, t6 reskin, water dragon silk robe, and frimarra. I swear, my nexus key is unbinded.


is that in lib? brand new char, too :frowning:


nope, mt. I went down to clear some shit, rushers left a crowd of mobs and i got instad


oh, happened to me before, hate when that happens
the pet stasis guys, right?


No, Corrupted Bowman is this guy.


Do you have an infinite supply of whites lol






what a way to end the year, with the end of a character who’s been with me since the start of it.