The Death Thread


Yeah, that happens sometimes. I guess Oryx Mayhems aren’t a good sidetrack instead of running Thickets. I had full hp, then I was almost dead, and then I was dead. A good ppe, taken too quickly. You will be missed.


The curse got you.


Decaract uneven damage distribution – gets me everytim


That, and the crowd of players. Instakills in large groups of players have killed each of my last three characters (all ppes, all at least 3k base fame).







didn’t even know that phase could instant kill me, so many mt gone in the trash
I really should check wiki to learn how to survive there


Yes, good, one less rival
Dang, that’s a rip. So much fame tho 0_0


oh boy, a keyper going into his 2nd phase. it sure is a great idea to get closer to him as i lean over to youtube to read the lyrics of a random ass song






The fact that they renamed it makes me want to track down the player with the name cloud. @Cloud?



@laurence chatting with autofire was a bad idea


@AndreasKL died in a small Lod (screenshot from before the recent Lod event).
& @KiritoChan died in a small Oryx fight yesterday as a priest, looked like 1-shot antispectatored after O1 went into rage during a dancing.




Was that a multiboxer death?


Killed by this Avatar dude. I was running back to safety after hitting him with shield but his confuse shots ended up killing my Knight.

Can’t believe my Wizard died to Limon b/c the conjunction of her shotgun and Ice Sprite’s slow down. So far the highest fame earnt by a single character.


no that was what happens when spooky + 5 crus into a loop



8/8 Knight
8/8 Paladin

Both unexpected from being popped a day apart. My knight was only a few weeks old; he died so young. T_T