The Death Thread


@CannonFood died 5/8, on ninja I think, in confuse at Avatar.




Well, it was bound to happen eventually. First 7/8, 6/8, and character over 1K fame. I got armor broken, SOA jumped on me and backed up into the little sucker.

It had a good run! A little sad to see it go, but I had a lot of fun running around with the likes of the rich.
Time to rebuild. I also had a Doom Bow.


was so messy that we insta died unknown !


@moop also putting this guy who died when he took a flock of grey thingy in the face


@Druidika I urged the others to come help…but they couldn’t withstand Nikao’s (overly) mighty storm!

@Ahvenia Died early on during survival. Perhaps a poor attempt at cheesing it.

@Sanderumbc Failed rush. I almost died trying to take that pic, too!

@Luuuckster Not sure what happened there. Facetank failure, I guess?

@RageFeuls Overwhelmed by keys!


aw, egg


So, I did nothing to save a level 14 priest with soulless robe and geb tome that had afked in front of Janus.


Karma’s a bitch.


Bilgewater run and gun rip 4 poor souls


When trying to get 4 stars…


magic wood can shread all light defence now, with all enemy having received a damage boost(1,5) some enemy stacks shot to 600 with 20 def


Just keep on rotating around and running away and it’s still ez


that was an instant death by teleportation, also calculate my hp + my def and check how much damage must I receive to instawipe


3 dudes got rekt by Oryx


@Constery: That’s what exactly happened to my Archers. Damn, 2 Archers (one before and one after the DMG buff) died in MWood. My Nile Wizzy and Expo Samurai managed to solo the dungeon (after enemies’ DMG buff) somehow.


Ey Chinese gang


Multiboxer ???



I killed this one by dragging, my bad @Skyhighice


Disappointed but not surprised, given that I knew what was coming. It’s still stupidly difficult, though! >:(

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