The Death Thread


It is definitely as deadly as a Mad Lab, that’s for sure! ;)


Eh… I failed, but 3 stars for my Knight at least



I gotta take a break and sit back, remember how to play this game lol.

Got Punk’d by an Abyss Demon
Also had an EP.





Noah was a noob, what was he doing in void -__-


worth the screenshot

rip @Kittybiter


Commited harakiris. I was trying to get 8 Fame Bonuses but…


@Pistenfege Absolutely decimated by sharp stingers.

@Relixilonl Our brave warrior, who could not stand up to Oryx’ might.

@Nexusyy Did not do the nexusy thing!

@Runnne Another brave soul, who already commented on being dangerously 0/8.

@Runnne Oh, didn’t even notice this was them again. They were on a warrior and…got slaughtered due to armor broken, I reckon?


Oof, playing Cem really cause latency issue…

And when 4 stars farming fails once again… I was so salty when I drank a potion and used ability. Ended up committing harakiri by sitting @ Djinn.


my secret ppe, I will miss you





The General Chat Thread

Three from yesterday in WCs, @Blendrr @JoNhCeNaA @Lordlordus

And some from last week:
@XHunterZy in a library, @Xazzorss and @SirDanila in castles.



bad timing


anyone else remember that guy who died in nexus (pre-swatsec)?


That could go in the Boomers thread lol

For old memories :slight_smile:




One from these BNexuses @Tubdy

And from the Puppet Theatre/Encore event last week, and other dungeons from that time:
@FatJabs, @JimmyNitro x2, @Azzazeel, @Igatz