The Death Thread


One from these BNexuses @Tubdy

And from the Puppet Theatre/Encore event last week, and other dungeons from that time:
@FatJabs, @JimmyNitro x2, @Azzazeel, @Igatz


A small variety of deaths. Someday I’ll clean out my entire folder…

@Abdibi A random UFO spawn with disastrous consequences.

@Martinpowa Foolish! One does not rush Nests!

@DeliSS A yikey lag death (feat. wimd flour lovr)

@Ravciozo Always messy, big public Chambers…

@Heswreew Failed rush, presumably.


Double kills by Ent God… Yeah, IAmADummy is my alt account (was orginally use for storage). Didn’t start playing until today.


I’m in denial… when you lvling your storage char…


I’m sorry that you died and lost all of that, but this is why max level potions exist.

Also, how did you die?

Why on Earth would you go in a ddocks with all that stuff on a level 1?


No more in vault, well rip. Time to hardcore grind events tho to fill my vault back up.
ogmur knight taught me nothing


got mobbed by ddocks thingys at troom lvl 3 or something and I was waiting and someone called troom


@Rekynt Did not seem to expect a deadly blue mushroom, it seems.

@Omeres and @Coohcooh Yellow Death.

@Nocrainbow No crain bow for you!

@Onlighty I guess you took the gods too lightly!

@Tiezz “Is this hard?” -Kempsii

@PotionXP I’ll presume they either blew up or got eye-lasered.



Ten minutes later, got popped.




That death got me to white star, nice capture



8/8 knight with ogmur and bracer. Died at 1999 fame lmao I haven’t gotten 5 stars with it


Nice hidden graveyard history.


It has been more than 24 hours and my 4/8 Pally is still missing in my graveyard. He died @ USWest2 server…


I assume you mean Realmeye graveyard? Have you gone back into the Nexus since his death? Sometimes it takes a little bit before Realmeye realizes a character is dead.


About half a year late but I actually witnessed your alien set huntress death with my own eyes before I was active on the forums.





just messaging him