The Death Thread


8/8 oof


O2 claimed some lives


Alas my beautiful Trickster; brave enough to take on the Realm wearing only a heart-covered swimsuit. She died as she lived, running full speed into danger while danger ran full speed into her


@BigBerth Got mauled by daddy worm.

@Coronabad and @Chrismick Please…move. Don’t underestimate O1.


Haha group tank go -

death noises.


All you have to do in that O1 phase is move left or right occasionally. How have people still not figured that out?!?


Moving? I don’t remember reading about that in the Jackpot Simulator instructions


Oh shoot, you’re right.


Rips, guild edition:
@Bobolo @OoYAHYAoO @ForePlaY

We forced blue first, to avoid any problems with the disappearing ground, but then red went wrong (lag to blame).

Rampaging ice sphere in a messy 1st switch.


Some miscellaneous deaths too:

Realm events @DrawBlood @Lolipony @ZetaBadass
Oryx & WC deaths @Sidonus @Humangun @Cyprianek
Dungeon deaths @Troead @Forgeus @SevenSek @Kalbizzare


Happy about the paladin death tbh its v boring but rip the trickster. Had brain carved golem remains and rusty cuffs. :((( Idt im ever getting a brain again Also some very questionable deaths by me with some ok loot on bc im smart


adolftroll got trolled






rip ppe



@Appaxia and @Leagind In a public Nest u,m,u


@Skandling Jumped on by Geb


Yep. Geb was somewhere in the lower left corner. I was not even in range, but was moving towards the edge to see if I could snipe some shots. Then Geb was a square away from me, and a second later I was dead.


I saw one player being jumped on by Geb and both dying one frame later.


Have a crappy montage of all the tombstones i found lately
@Sentri @NukeWind @Choos @Sunsmile @Arqueem @ArSkervel @Teaka @CatCrocs @Razakria


it’ll be clean they said