The Death Thread


this one kinda hurt


Old, but I sat on O1 like any remotely sane trickster with a brain would do. Who wouldn’t?


Death by Death Morel. First @Nizusenpai when they first appear then @Nekomaz when they reappear adding one in the middle.


Met him and he walked faithfully with me, then he was no more, because god took him away


How does one die in a 50 person puppet theatre, or in the center of a crowded cdepths troom?


F to my second ever 8/8. Wanted to try out the dungeon because I had only done it once before. Memory was pretty hazy so I thought the dungeon was easy (That 1 time I did it didn’t seem to hard, I don’t know why that was).


It’s easy if you remain alert. But yes the tentacles are kinda bs when they shoot you in spawn.


just dodge lol


Big RIP to 6/8 Samurai… I was about to pot him with Life (haven’t drink them) and that’s it. Except I somehow did not see that coming. Gonna rebuild again.


@leohe your account has been very lucky but i died. I am sad :frowning:


First 8/8 character, dead to rushing an abyss.




Got AJIMauK and SkeleSean twice
Don’t even know who they are
Edit: Wait no lol, just double checked AJIMauk, it’s the same grave lol, didn’t see statue set piece second time I found it


@AgloPango @NemCookie @Fiveminers


what 2 random djinns


I claimed your alt (the disposable mule) and started my nae on it.


Was it the one from this contest?: Forumer showdown: Hunger Games Simulator (6L, PIXIE PRIZES NO ENTRY FEE) and its over now (I won -Demonseye)


You ate the whole forum, ain’t you ?


I swear this wasn’t intentional


@johnnisins @chunkycorn