The Death Thread


here is the photo:

oof man sorry


yes i survived and completed the guild void


A mistake he was…

But now one character slot is free, and a trickster shall replace my boring wizard


Got hacked :frowning: Am back on the road now :smiley:


hopefully not using a hacked client


@Edwardidk is one one of the graves…interesting, i thought he quit a long time ago




You don’t know how long he’s had these accounts though.


I really hated the Mystic the first, and for awhile the only time, I played one. Then I played another one and learned to love her… I also learned she was allergic to Bees




Confuse is bullshit


@Slendergo in a puppet’s encore i opened… oops

@Edelmar reminder to be careful when events are in gland


Some deaths in last weekend’s Prismimic event:
@Deceptions @Cheety @Wink @Chessire


Started the Crystal Entity fight. Walked a little bit to the left and got instantly killed with no warning whatsoever.
I call this bullshit beyond belief. I was an 8/8 with pretty good gear and just got instantly popped.


Looks like you sat on the spawn point of the minibosses and fish spawned… rip but the crystal cavern minibosses are hardly unbalanced.


I disagree. the fish and the bs confuse dude are wayyy harder than the other minibosses which have essentially safe spots


I honestly think that the weaker minibosses are too weak rather than the fish being too strong(why do they have complete safespots?), not to mention that paralyze completely fucks the fish unless you get fractaled.



I had that same issue on my 8/8 ninja. I nexused for a whole 3 seconds before I died. Same thing also happened on my second bard.


@Kvothered got stinged