The Death Thread


They definitely were not standing where the fish spawned. The fish spawns right next to the entity, somebody must have already run over it, no paralyze, and it sat on Broom.
@ZeBroom this is the most bs thing about the dungeon, but make sure you watch your minimap for that red dot. That indicates where the fish is. It needs to be run over to be activated, but you will see it move ion the minimap so you can get out of the way


my knight is dead

let me the dice roll to decide what will be the next class to kill…


2/8 Pally got oofed in Pub Tomb ('least promoted to 4 stars):

And a random 7/8 got cremated by lava.

And a 4/8 when we were trioing against Oryx (leaving me and another dude remain alive).


Same thing OHKO’d me a while back. Soooo stupid.


Pally died from being good at dodging, wizzie died from 3 man cult that got out of hand bc of spooky boi ;-;
More sad abt the wizzie just bc I had sm stuff on it(Jade storm, penetrating blast, sun spell, st spell) on top of what I died w


@Kamikip just ran directly into the frost for some reason

@Aeeren (i did some search) died in a public tomb

@Edennnz decided to eat a sphinx shotgun the moment it died

@Argocyte somehow died a few tiles away from Jon somehow in one of his introduction phases? i really dunno how did he dieto that


spooky in fs :(((( rip my only mseal


Rough nest huh? Dw, I’ve been there, rip~ :<


Triple pun wow.


I’ve been there… :pensive:


this dungeon is stupid as hell lol






@Yneor stumbled upon this grave

@Eyeupgrade died to a big dragon eye boi, ironic
@Goobzilla (?) wrecked by these cheap bomb things

@Detraxx killed by ice sphere with a jugg on

@Darkknio ate a sun


@Demonseye do you have ss of mbd double kill 8/8s, mbc double kill 8/8s, and/or me?


Only you because guildie > all


start following me as well and your posts of twitchy and me will fill this thread so fast


Not really impressive, but that’s at least three 16’s


;-; rip my second ever 8/8



Rip @BoxVampire and thanks for the rushing…