The Death Thread





I’ve had such a run of deaths the last few days, very annoying!!



plz don’t drag, thx.
Fortunately didn’t have much on me, but still an 8/8.
Edit: Thanks @Messtery for the screenshot.


Still haven’t learned to not look at my phone when playing.


I do this far too often. Notification comes and I, of course, have to look at it even if it’s a junk mail or something. RIP


3rd death to that.


Your archers need to stay away from bugs.


Just stay in the spawn room. 4head


That was the spawn room.

I’m not joking.


I guess you can’t help you then


@numbaones rip bro


5/8 (see


Im assuming the paralyze turrets?


confused… and too slow for nexus (my brain)


“I’ve been playing on this 8/8 rogue for a couple months now, and I feel comfortable rushing pretty much every dungeon; must be time for me to try to rush a LH.”
5 minutes later:

Pretty bummed, honestly. I was having a ton of fun with that rogue. Lost a Wyrmhide, UBHP, Reskin T6 cloak, and a Planewalker.

Edit: 8th 8/8 death of 2020 for me ;_;


I’ve now killed 5 8/8s in 4 days :upside_down_face:

And yes, that is an 8/8 death in an mwoods and not even at the boss


how do you even die in an mwoods? please elaborate

and what does mc mean? i’ve always wondered.


MC is the monstrosity (mini boss at Crystal Cavern).
As for the mwoods, I literally have no idea… One minute I was trying to plane to the boss over a wall and the next I was dead. Some of those monsters hit surprisingly hard if you’re a squishy class.


Both suicde. Hunt 7/8 Trix 6/8