The Death Thread


Twice in a row.


Yikes! That is seriously rough! At least you got one night of play with it. That seriously is a bummer, though.


@Nevov Nooooo! ;n;


Ouch. 17k base, it hurts.



This is why I don’t throw dollars for any ST sets. Ain’t worth it to me.


To be completely honest aside from cosmetics and permanent vault/char slots, money on this game is a waste. Examples like @MayoFourth unfortunately illustrate this all too well, regardless of gear this game can and will kick your ass if you let your guard down.

Allow me to press the key between ‘D’ and ‘G’ on my keyboard for said unfortunate player: F. :frowning:


Thanks for the img. One for the “not much I could do about that death”.
My machine’s been performing badly for whatever reason lately, and everything just froze up completely while I was running along. Hadn’t had that for so long, that it surprised me and I didn’t react into shutting down the game, unfroze about a second later into momentary life then the death screen. Used to get that game-freeze a lot in WCs in the old days, so maybe an appropriate death for that wizard who had been around since the salad days of Kabam (didn’t even have Thirsty because it was older than hp/mp stack slots!). Rip!

Shame my idea of getting the old guy an “easy fame boost” in this event backfired. Biggest item loss was the Parasite Spell, it’s a great one for getting reliable dmg in without perfect aim, though I’ve looted it way less than the other para items so gonna be a bit cautious about throwing it on every wizard I make. Fun item.


Wow. Oldest character in RotMG?


Nice thought, but nah even I’ve got a few older ones. :wink:


Been grinding the past couple days and my only two chars died tonight… I thought I had my bloody cloak on but it was my planewalker. Kinda burnt out after 6+ hours a day of realm clearing just to lose so much. Really might take a break for a while.


how old is your oldest character? :exploding_head:


dont afk in an abyss


Didn’t press spacebar lol


Big oof to my 7/8 Priest (2nd 7/8 character overall). Didn’t last long… Seriously, those bats need to be removed or nerfed. And this is the 2nd time I died to that bat.


so true, bats scare me more than the rock dragon itself :fearful:




When will I ever get 800 fame on priest :thinking:


Rip my cdirk, bracer and highest fame character to date. lagged in a udl and next thing I know Septavius is sitting on me.


Heh very accurate death for Jimmy Hoffa


got him in a shatts :slight_smile:
feel free to try and kill me