The Death Thread






Imagine actively griefing and bragging about it here of all places.


And here goes my favorite 7/8 Sammy, died with Fairy Plate. Did back off but that boi was too fast to react and then got shotgunned.

Earnt 4 Oryx kill with him and finally promoted to 5 stars.


I don’t recall getting that many bonuses, congrats on that :slight_smile:


Oh thanks. But seriously Boot on the Ground need a buff to 50%. Almost nobody nowadays have that fame bonus upon dying.

The reason why is 25% is just not enough for rewarding someone who is willing to walk through the realm, missing out once-per-realm event gods or even possible white bags from them. Did I mention that one have to give up the convenience of teleporting?

Mundane and Thirsty remains unchanged but Boot, buff this boi plz.

Basically all my characters nowadays (back then I don’t when I was a noob) have at least Boot and Thirsty bonus upon dying (Mundane depending on certain occasion). Except one of my 0/8 Archer.

Feel free to stalk my graveyard LOL, I don’t mind.


A few misc Rips from the last couple of weeks:

@Elecbit @PunyDuck @Dabosscake @Flomtoe @OoLIVIOoo @Sixspeed


Also some guildies :sob: :

@Cheety @Karlos


Why’s the last one not even you :thinking:


Ah my screenshot failed to take (was running at too high memory I think), so I asked a guildie if they had caught it, for me to pass on. Think they were caught out by O2 having new phases, as a returning player, was a fellow sorcerer and long time acquaintance so I didn’t want to let them down with failing to get a screenshot.





I got set up




@Ecookied: A rare-to-sight Boot on the Ground fame bonus.


Yeha, gotta love the frameskip right into shots


Wait you were lagging or what?


Not lagging but frameskipped into a shot. It like where you go from one spot to another by barely pressing ur key. idk


a.a…aaa A


My first 8/8 ppe char just died at Oryx 2