The Death Thread


Dang, dying with 3k base fame. I would get more total total fame than that if I had the same equipment as yours, up to 18k+ total fame.


yeah, that’s right. But I bet I gathered the fame faster than you would. Boots on the ground is creepy for me. :smiley:

But I don’t care about fame anymore, since I fused to an legendary pet. Enjoying is important, nothing else. :slight_smile:


I got oofed, by the power of the Sun.


Of course you would get more fame than me, but not the bonuses.

But why you said Boot is creepy for you?


Not everyone wants to walk to every single event in the realm. Even for some extra fame on death.


Well I am willing to do that for the extra fame bonus. Basically, I am trying to get the most fame bonuses upon death. And Boot is just, so rare these nowdays.


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why is this in the death thread


That’s it! If anybody calls an interesting event / dungeon / anything I teleport to.


This is why don’t rush UDL. Tried to max Wis to get him 7/8 but failed very painfully. And this is why not to touch a potted character until he/she became 7/8.


why do you always use mp rings on characters instead of hp rings?


UDL is best to rush after one or two beers. When you are a little bit drunk you make the best moves for that confusing, slimy thingis and traps.

Only the boss is risky then, cause moving constantly and randomly around is dangerous there.


Not all characters need extra HP to live long time. I prefer spamming Wakizashi and get healed more often by Pally/Priest or Necro. And even if I use HP ring on my Sammy/Pally, I would still get popped by that Mushroom Berserker or UDL trap. Not to mention, I like to use the ability multiple times, more than just 2 to 3 Waki slashes.

I get that this is a perma-death game and survival matters, but choosing only HP ring on all types of characters, is just, boring.

No no no. I was not using GRum or anything like that. I was happened to be unlucky and stepped into that trap. Once of my rush, I almost died and made me Nexus.


that’s not what he means lol. he means drinking a few beers irl xD.


But not wearing a HP ring while rushing, arguably where you need it the most isn’t very smart.


im at least as stupid as all others…


Finally, my alt Wizard got sat by a Djinn. Five stars in the 1st try LOL. I tried so hard to keep him alive just like what Germany is doing but failed. Either way, I will still go petless.

And here are the fame bonuses he died with.


I only go boots on some event chars (for events where u don’t tp to boss) and endgame only chars


From his posts he soloes a lot of midgame dungeons to keep boots.


: (