The Death Thread


Ouch… I feel that… And it hurts…


Are you Chinese???


Yea the username is something isn’t it XD


That username is the pinyin of “王八蛋” in Simplified Chinese, which means “Bastard”.


yup I know XD


Just got this (already have one lol) and decided to keep it on my trix PPE, but then I accidentally did this somehow and died at orange health.


Eijnrmoks got bored of being a wizard


Private graveyard. Posts in Death thread. Am I missing something?


I didn’t private it, its just not activated


stone guardian sword with the triple kill


Still haven’t made it through o3 yet… :((( that’s 6 chars I’ve lost now. I’m kinda sad about losing the st bc 1200 fp, but I already have the whole set from the campaign.


O3 still not completed. Rip my knight, glad i didn’t have my ogmur on. Warrior time ?



Monkey brain moment


Apparantly it was really on private



bruh. always put sts on at least 6/8 chars. plz


I would do that on 7/8 instead.


The default is private, you have to turn it on if you want it public (which most people do for discord runs)


That wouldn’t be monkey brain moment though!
jk… I learn my lesson through death


Died right as 12 shotguns ended cause incompetent raiders weren’t fighting the greater void shade. Then got sandwiched between 2 fidget spinners.