The Death Thread


cosmic peasants i max my alts and then suicide


popped by sun phase


With entropies no less


That hurts. That really hurts.

That was not the correct prism. RIP 8/8, corruption cutter, and dancing swords. :frowning: The rest are a bit more replaceable for me.



Good thing your Trickster finally got promoted to 5 stars, same thing happened to my other characters (promotion after dying LOL). Really reminds me this… Similar base fame but a bit more total fame than yours:


Best character I’ve had so far, very disappointing. Very sudden and unexpected.
Figured those things could shotgun pretty hard but didn’t expect an instant death lol


@XBookwyrmX Explain yourself


Yeah, that is super unfortunate! Your character had 38 defense (25 base + 13 from Gsorc), and the Wyrm shoots out 8 shots of 125 damage. So a full shotgun would be roughly 700 damage, which is a ton coming from a dungeon that is otherwise fairly harmless! As long as you don’t get that precise shotgun you should be fine, but that is a huge bummer that your best character died that way.


I… I… was having a weak moment, ok!? I’m transformed into a driveling beast every time I traverse those chambers. A bitter reminder of who I really am, awakening primordial instinct, hungry for any sense of consolation by means of blood to satiate the loss of my fallen brethren who also haunt those chambers, their dismembered forms singing songs of woe for the knowledge they once possessed and can no longer obtain nor share… :sweat:

Does this mean I need to refund @JohnMB now? ;(

(Also, I kept getting “Bad Gateway” errors and couldn’t post, sorry)


miasma portal sit on group 3:


I still don’t want to do O3s.

I’ll die, and i get very very VERY stressful when i see someone doing celestial phase. Vietnam flashbacks.


First O3 ever, boss did like 4 celestials. Damn. tornados hurt.

Never actually felt this much thrill in this game for such a long time. Will try later as soon as another throwaway is ready.


cosmic peasants #2

The White Bag Thread v3

@Kageboshi got lined up, I think.


More like Galatic Peasants.


I go check something else for one seond after stone guardians die and this is what happens… I’m pissed. Was just rebuilding and now this happens. Fuck.


Bruh I always get sooo triggered if I die when rebuilding and that huntress has some great stuff


Were you doing to do o3 with that stuff though ?


I dunno if he would, but I wouldn’t do it if I was rebuilding, but to mention he has a t14 bow vbow and vile


nope just happened to crash a realm people were doing o3 in lmao