The Death Thread


kinda bs death, had 3 parts of the janus set. Would have been a cool ppe.


I don’t think this is a good day for me…



I had something similar to this but instead and it was 2 7/8 dying within a week:


Daaang, those hurt. Especially the Necro. I almost had a rogue popped by Ruthven a few days ago because I tanked half a shotgun when he reappeared unexpectedly, and I was shocked at how much damage he does! Definitely not a boss I would have pinned for insta-pop potential at first glance.


o1 massacre


I couldn’t see my healthbar below the trees. I don’t like paralyze turrets >:(




Karma was a bitch for @ICxAlpha


Not to derail the thread, but that’s the first time I’ve seen somebody with that entire set at once! Cool.


It’s definitely a “safe” set, I’d say it’s for safety with the ASS and Scutum and UBDEF, and the MP and SPD contribute to a cowards “run in and stun, but still from afar” outlike, but it doesn’t have very good DPS.


It’s a lot of fun to play. The damage, def and stun ability of a Knight, without the slowness. Makes rushing fun and easy. The only weakness is low HP for a Knight; def saves you from most things but it makes armour break especially dangerous. Still on Flash so can’t try it out against O3, but not sure I want to given it’s irreplaceable.


Dont event and level kids

Post your unpopular opinions about realm here

Why… Why would you use these under level 20?


Fr tho. I was once in an abyss and there was a lvl 13 wizard with cult staff, tablet,
Anointed and crown. The rusher dragged a bunch of stuff behind him, and the wizard got rekt. I would not use uts on a char until 6/8 usually and sometimes don’t even play on a char til 8/8


Good thing you learnt your lesson. I made this mistake myself one time when I was a noob.

Back in January, I popped a Epic Quest Chest from Daily Reward and got Ring of the Nile as my first White Bag (no clover or loot potion used). Sure enough, I made a noob decision of using it on my not-so-potted level 20 Wizard (basically everytime I get a pot, I chow it down instead of saving it)… until he got popped by Limon.

After losing my 1st White (and 2 tops), I learnt the lesson of using my white bag items/STs/modern tops at least 4/8 (ATT, DEF, DEX and SPD maxed). Heck, I use old tops even for 7/8 when I can’t afford the modern counterparts.

Despite of this, there are players who are still making that grave mistake.

I happened see a Ninja @ USW3 a day ago using Masamune right at level 1. I warned him that using tops this early is dangerous because he may die untimely before reaching to level 20 and it will be a big loss. Sure enough, I saw him again couple hours later… being empty-handed (basically he died with that Masa).

Good thing I have spares of Ichimonji and Roc Armor, gave them to him and told “Those will get you started, so if you die again, it won’t be a big loss.”

So this is why everytime I make a new character, I use the spare equipment that I have collected before. They could be T9 weapons, T4 Ability, T10 Armor and T4 Rings (I use Para DEF/DEX/MP/ATT simply because the fairly high demand of HP rings).

I have more to say but that should be it for now.


@Fierkill and @Wuzlaf murdered by @Xaklor’s dragon


Snap, Crackle… Popped


wasn’t very wise of me to attempt this on uswest3, still have very far to go in this game in terms of dodging


Raiding Lost Halls for the 3rd time, but was not so lucky. I slapped the R key, but apparently I did not apply enough force. Yep, that’s my farmer right here.

Lost that Spirit Staff and Annointed Robe. What else I learnt? Never send a farmer to raid an endgame dungeon.

Imma grab my Boots Mundane Thirsty Necromancer to do the farming for the next 4/8 farmer.


I like your Christmas skin collection there.