The Death Thread


Yeah, I just hope I’m not “stealing” his post. He should still post too if he wants


Can do :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that was a bummer. 8/8, 2K base fame. I am trying to get to have a living white star at the same time that I get white star in the first place, but it is going to take forever if I keep dying, lol.

I don’t really mind this particular death, though. It was during a meme run that I was doing with about 40 other RLs from the Lost Halls/Shatters/Oryx Sanctuary discords, and we thought it would be more entertaining if there was no one actually leading despite the many qualified people in the VC. I still need to learn O3 (still at zero completions) so I kind of just told myself I wouldn’t nexus this time. Survived the first Celestial, but popped shortly afterward.



You’ll get it next time! It’s interesting to see that you, who is a great player, mainly dies from hard stuff like oryx 3, where as me, most of my deaths are just me not paying attention to where I’m standing lol.


Account reset!


Dang man, did you feed/drop everything as well?


Yeah. I gave away most of my trade-able items and fed pretty much everything else (didn’t have enough fame to feed all my stuff lol). I only kept a few rare whites (Jugg, Crown, etc.) and vanities.


I should’ve kept my tablet, jugg, bloody cloak etc when I reset that’s smart :pensive:


not me, but this would be so sad if he had to get 5 stars :sob:


thanks lag, very cool


He’s already earnt a 5 star from the previous Wizard but still… Big F for him.



8/8 died from unknown cause.


My graveyard(flash, exalt, realmeye) is broken for real, so I can’t take screenshots of equipment. ;-;
I’ve been making rogues and the 3rd 6/8 Rogue with nest white & cemetery st died in crawling depths.
Apparently, cloaking doesn’t make the spider stay still and it sat on me flat.


Yowch! I remember losing my very first 6/8 - also a Rogue, with a more standard T11/T5 & Plane/CSilk/Expo - to SoA as well…a lagspike with a panic cloak.
Don’t judge me for that inferior armor pick, it was one of the very first I got!




first 8/8 ppe. you will be remembered.


theyre doing account reset


first 8/8 ppe assassin, dueling daggers, murky toxin, pyra, hyrda, ubdex


NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Ah rip. Don’t even know how I died. Just walked forward a bit and didn’t see the insect minions I guess. That character was low key stacked as well. Wouldn’t have been playing on him but I wanted to get an oryx mark. There goes one of my few 8/8s.


An unfortunate 8/8…

And suicided this Pally because no Thirsty for her. Made another one though.


@Kerphas got demolished trying to rush the tomb, F