The Death Thread


weaklings i need one star


Was a small group in the LOD, by the time we got to the wyvern, we were a group of three. He literally died as the floor changed and everything disappeared. Rip.


Another death montage:

An unfortunate 8/8 got slain by Geb on Pub Tomb. @Herpagon

And it was his Wizard that died with the Slurp Scion set!

Those guys died with unknown reasons. @Mrthus and @SaviorSeIf

An 0/8 and 8/8. Those guys either ate O2’s shotgun, his Sun phase or whatsoever.
@EDKB and @FastOG.

And me. Not a suicide this time, she got chased by several gods (8 of them) and… Did not see this one coming.



An 8/8 Wizard got sat on by Stone Guardian.


F. That almost happened to my 8/8 wizard a while back, nexused at 8 hp. Died on him later that day tho, lol.


That almost happened to my Archer shortly after he gets to 7/8 (He was using Covert, Spectral Cloth and Nile back then). Nexused @ 200 HP.

But then he and other 2 dudes ate Ghost God’s shotgun.


The guardians are not ones to leave a job undone, those who escape will die to their underlings at their command


A 6/8 died from unknown reason. @jvklaa

Tried to get to Ava without TPing but at the end…
4/8 and 7/8 died of unknown reason. Could have been hit by Confused stars and walked to other shots. @Sillychonk @ Roldaril


They got confused and yeeted right into void. Big F.


that literally just happened to me. rip 8/8 mystic.


So much for getting back into the game, I guess…


Don’t give up there! Now your learned a little about how dangerous the Keyper can be and I am sure you won’t make the same mistake again.


yeah id say o3 has gone well for me


probably didn’t even last 10 seconds
shaitans paralyze is BS change my mind
also rip zaarvox and geb ring because no damn vault space

edit:6/8 archer with dbow, expo, exaHP, and old tops, also lost zaarvox and geb ring


If I see u I’ll give u a geb ring I think I have one


I don’t remember seeing an 8/8 die at o1 before. Big sad


I have only ever done shaitans with oreo pally… i won’t mess with it otherwise

edit: and rip bro :persevere:


never entering one ever again, loot’s not even that good anyhow


Just do them during events and you’ll marvel how much easier it is once you learn phases


Yeah, I honestly get confused whenever I hear about people calling it bullcrap or too hard, I run it safely as a 0/8 with like 6 other people, you just need to learn the fight is all

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