The Death Thread


Two deaths in a day on Dummy…

Commited harakiri for 4 stars promotion.

The classic Quieted 'n Shotgunned death.


NOOOOO!!! I was SO CLOSE this time!

The most frustrating thing is that I survived the first celestial phase I ever faced (before safespot was found), and have not survived a single one since then (other than the times I nexused). Really bummed to lose the ST bow as well, which I had just picked up from the miniboss. One of these days I will make it!

(Also RIP living white star)


That - sucks! I’m sorry! I’ve done that to a couple of my chars being dumb before. It wastes a lot of time and progress.


As I mentioned in White Bag Thread, DECA is going to remove restrictive fame bonuses (F to Boots) and used those characters to pop open chests for fame. Those guys earnt 5 stars promotions by suiciding them. And myself, earnt a Yellow Star promotion overall.


Rip my awesome sorcerer ppe. :frowning:


Lol 2001 fame



An 8/8 Knight got popped by the O2’s Sun Phase. Big F.


RIP oldest character, created just after the class came out
some jerk activated mbd before ppl got there in fsv…

oh well… time to rebuild…


Big F for your 7/8 Samurai. But he earnt that 5 star promotion though.


Thanks! Yeah, also probably could have tanked another hit if I had my ho ring on, but I didn’t think bc mbd gets steamrollled usually. I made it through the 1st phase and was blinking, but then tanked a shot and it killed me… big sad cause that was my halls character.


For me, gonna learn how to solo LH one day.

Prolly after Deca announce when fame rework about to be implemented (like a day in advance). I have several 7/8s to throw. But once I get to MBC, I’m going hardcore.


Hacked? Fame? Quitting? Who knows.


Fame characters?

#8972 Wow… I’m really just sad about the bunny helm to be honest




I am so confused rn.


sat on cupcake, which has armor piercing shotguns


Lol, that makes sense.


Oh wait, were you actually confused??? I thought you were being sarcastic, sorry :joy:


It was 70% confusion and 30% sarcasm. :wink: