The Death Thread


It was a nexus popped pup


So long, my first and hopefully only real fame-farmer. I am looking forward to seeing what the new fame bonuses bring to the table!

Edit: 2925 base fame, for anyone curious. Main fame bonus I was missing was tunnel rat. I was planning to get it, but time slipped away from me and I didn’t want to risk the fame bonuses changing before I let this guy go.


I can salute to that cause.





omg are we monitor twins? :flushed:


Not me, but how is this even possible? :man_shrugging:


Likely ganged up on by loads of Greater snakes and finished off by the python. Those can really stack shots.


Since flash is dead, mreyeball is dead and won’t check your deaths btw


No, it’s just that I have to substitute screenshots with garbage phone shots. :unamused:


If I might ask, why?


I mean our monitors are both LG


ty deca servers uwu


O-O Ouch! 8/8 with all that?

Edit: Oh wait, Malphas has armor break now, huh…


Tried to solo Lost Halls using 7/8 Sorcerer and I can’t outrun Spooky Boi WTH… RIP Shendyt.

Five star promotion for my Sorcerer at least. Why did I not Nexus???


Because 5 stars on sorcerer?

F to him, though. I’ve run into spooky a couple times soloing on wizard. My suggesting, just circle the edges of an empty room.
Good luck next time!


No, it’s because I underestimated Spooky’s Slow shots.


getting slowed drops your speed to like 0. If i get slowed against spooky I just nexus


that is a lot of wizards


Storage characters.


not all storage chars have to be wizards ;-;