The Death Thread


i have 9 characters, 7 are storage, my wizard and paladin are the 2 that aren’t


@BobrGus: Prolly died to Stinger Phase.

And my 2nd 7/8 Priest. Did expect dying on The Nest for the 1st few times though. Good thing he earnt a 5 stars promotion before Fame Rework.

Died with several UB rings (Wis, MP, SPD, ATT and Def) and Book of Geb (for the Speedy).


thats a lot of character slots…


30 of them.


Two 7/8s deaths in a day (3 7/8s in a week)?! Chain deaths?! And yes, I was the WC popper.

How much i love exalt

Noooo rip. Now might be a good time to take a break tho…


It’s fine though. Maybe I’m just unlucky…




if i didnt do dumb stuff all the time i would be able to keep a character alive


rip my first omni haha


start with me in the treasure room. then, add me getting hit by a confuse shot.
sprinkle in me forgetting confuse controls. and this is the result.
@Eldeltoro i don’t know what happened to them. but rip them.
and this is the first time i actually made it to the o2 room.
@markdakila @srubah @OmegaReich @LtLiickmE i don’t know what happened. but rip them


@Codyisaass Pincered by a Blue and Red Soldier bee!

@CROCLO and @Ichputzhir during a Nasty Needle phase.

@TaarbornII Dancing is difficult, I know.

@Orichan Smashed by a wrecking ball!

@ZacharyL Probably confused? They were dead beefore I got there.


@Shadrah 6/8 died from unknown cause.

Yes, I was handling Sun’s Phase but ended up chowed down all of my HP pots. Had to spam my spell on Dance Phase…


Oh how I love deca servers


that was quick lol
maybe i shouldn’t be playing when im super tired


this is the 2nd time i’ve died with an ogmur. and it wasn’t even my fault this time. i crossed a few seconds before beams hit me, 3 seconds later i die in the middle of the horde of players. smh shite servers i wasn’t even lagging.


Popped by a Sun. Again. That was my 2nd 7/8 Huntress. Forth 7/8 death in this week.

Welp, RIP CBow and DBow again. And my 2nd Nile.

Need to learn how to deal with Sun’s phase.


I know, right? Rotating with the suns feels very random to me. It might not be, but sometimes I get in and almost sit on Oryx and take no damage, and other times, I need to dash out or even nexus in the first couple of seconds. I’ve always danced better than withstand the power of his suns…


Deca seriously need to implement practice dungeons.


They have! It’s called: “Public Testing.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: