The Death Thread


The grape phase is surprisingly challenging! It really is a very unique shot pattern that can pop you quickly if it catches you off-guard.


yeah i noticed that good thing i pull out before its too late


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That’s kinda rude :frowning:


Originally, I was going for MBC but then I had to spam my HP pots when dealing with Crusades (basically I dragged them to TRoom and took heavy damage). I was like “Plan changed, Imma solo Cult instead”.


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What do you mean by this? Can you buy some chests with fame now? Or is this something the devs have mentioned as a future possibility?


No, the Tinkerer chests give fame when killed. The beginner ones give 5, the normal ones 10, the mighty ones 30, and I think the epic ones give 50 each


Oh ok that’s what prc meant, that makes sense


The passive fame alone on the epic chests on up makes farming marks worth it for me! ^^


A 7/8 that got popped by a Sun. Big F.


Progress! Survived Celestial! Died not long afterward, but still. Feels really, really good. Ran out of hp pots, though, between that and Dammah before him.

Approached it a little more intelligently, too. Only brought a 4/8 character with expendable gear (I have 5 Lbows right now). Now to 4/8 another archer… I will get my O3 completion eventually!


Were you using that UBMP though?


Sorry to disappoint, but no :joy: That was a drop from Dammah. Would have carried it as a swapout on knight, though. I don’t have a UBMP atm.


Sadly this did not end well :frowning:


Welp, this is the best way to suicide by dealing with Sun’s phase.

That was my Petless + Boots on the Ground + Thirsty Warrior. Was handling Sun Phase well (while other leechs), but then I tell myself that I am not backing off or scramble to Nexus when getting low. Laughed on that death.

Anyways, 5 stars promotions for my Warrior before fame rework. Next up: Petless Ninja and Knight.


was so in shock i forgot to screenshot, died because bad, couldnt even get 2000 BF


I got the bracer on the same shatters, felt confident enough to rush first then i just died ;-;

This death was so sad that I committed suicide to all my other characters and started from scratch again, i’ll never forget my first and only jugg :sob:


lol I had like 50 hp pots i for some reason didnt use lol


You’re giving off sakura vibes