The Death Thread


Yea I realized that after I typed the lol in all caps




It’s realm, so of course there’s a tiny enemy that jumps at you at full speed and kills you instantly. Was already getting frustrated with the game, so I guess this is adieu for me.


It’s because I originally typed Lol in all caps and u tend to do that :smile:


Somehow I sat on a Djinn again. Should have used my UBDef…

Edit: Rebuilt her quite quickly because I have spare pots to chow down.


I’ve gotten much better at dealing with confusion, But none of that Celestial knowledge from the heavens helps when you’re panicking cause the floor is turning red.
(First character to pass 2000 base fame and now im sad)


‘stay there ill clear slime gods’
fucking follows me in
ppe btw lel xd


wow my wifi sucks


Forax is the most dangerous in my opinion.


That one really hurts. Not too often that I have a death that is difficult to recover from, now, but I lost my first and only MBC white (mseal), as well as the ST fungal armor in my backpack here. Seriously bummed. Plus, and I really don’t like blaming lag on things, but I pressed nexus at least half a second before I died this time so that doesn’t feel great either. Hopefully I will get another mseal before too long! That is such a fun ability!


:frowning:️ rip


Painful deaths always come in pairs, I guess. Lost my sorcerer with all the things now. Underestimated just how much more damage everything deals on robe classes. I think that is enough of the crystal event for me now, lol. Overall, lost 2 8/8s with amazing items, and received a few life and a gemstone waki for my troubles. Not a great tradeoff. Time to chill and enjoy some of the midgame content again while I rebuild for a bit.


The crystal entity threw a pretty killer fractal yesterday


@CrookedSty and @XToxxic Never underestimate O1 guys.

@Dragondoge A 5/8 was finished off by Spooky’s AP shots.


Another O2 death.
@Fourtwenyy An 8/8 Sorc died with Magician ST. That dude was trying to dance with Oryx.

Some dudes nicknamed the Dance Phase as “phone phase”.


yay. i love playing this game


I literally heard you said “Holy shit” when you ate MBC’s tentacles. But still, big F’s.


i posted in the wrong thread and cant delete it send help


That’s beyond my abilities. You’ll either have to wait for the expiration or when a mod sees it


And alas, ends the reign of the Honey Scepter Sorcerer.

Destroyed by its own brethren…