The Death Thread


Poor sod died to Oryx 1’s “Dance 2” phase.


[@]Mhugi Brutally smashed by a ball.

[@]Kazoriomo Probably also smashed.

@Juppebelaa Died just at the end of this Katalund :c

[@]ArmenG The Appetizer’s not a pushover.

@Tijn and [@]Onyxuss Hard-To-See Explosive Mushroom

@Shirito Smacked by…something Oryx-related!

[@]Nebroto Sun-smacked!

[@]Seltrarion Victim of Wild Shadow design choices.

[@]Okmomo Died right after the ship sunk.

…and me, because clearly I was on top of Acidus while running in the direction I wanted my decoy to go. Ughhhhh, and I got that Wyrm the same day. Oh well, already got another one from a Fungal.


Went into a parasite yesterday and saw @Shatter rushing on his mystic. Alas, it was not to be:

For five years, that mystic had ruled the realm, holding off hordes of enemies and winning battle after battle against the armies of the Mad God. But all good things must come to an end, and so the mystic met her fate.


@PRCSakura @IRushU @FastOG died to sun phase and final shotgun phase. F.


And here is mines:

Another harakiri by learning to deal with Sun Phase and 5 star promotion earnt. Gave my pots to Furyborn just before dying.


Double 7/8’s death is a day. Managed to dodge the Sun a bit better now. But still have much more to go.


snagged a ss of your grave (sorry for opacity)


this never happened


Ouch. I thought you were going to die at 0:14 though, lol! You were really, really close to the center when he teleported and shotgunned there. Why do you carry Mist with you, out of curiosity?


I forgot the shots boomerang lol. I need to get better at Fungals/Crystal Caverns.


So many Ancient Stone Sword deaths.
I saw it coming and it made me so excited to see how many, never thought this many.
At least one is 8/8.


Died to being paralyzed while rushing pup.
I’d just gotten to 6/8 today after rebuilding from yesterday. This is very upsetting.


Another failed LH solo (3rd attempt). Was using throwaway 4/8 Sorcerer but then dragged the Crusades and ended up getting flanked.


Suggestion: try using a non ppe-8/8, and bring extra hp pots.


I did pack myself with extra HP pots but then I took heavy damage and spammed my HP pots.

Reason why I use 4/8 is because… it’s cheaper and quicker to build than an 8/8 Sorc. Maybe my next throwaway Sorc should have Wis maxed…


rip my best ppe yet… 2 dex and 5 spd to 3/8 and everything else was so close…

the sorc ppe



These ones never get old:


@TheAsaian An 8/8 died to something Oryx-related.

@SomebodyXX A 6/8 Knight ate O2’s shotgun when going in for the stun. He recalled that his 6/8 Knight lasted 3 years.

@XFlanX Also died to something Oryx-related.

And my 7/8 petless Youmu met her end. Was planning to send her to handle O2’s Sun Phase but died earlier than I expected. 5th 7/8 death on Godland…

Edit: Quickly rebuilt her because… I had spare pots to chow down.


That final push for White Star. FYI, I did use Stat Candies on her but it’s not a complete waste though. Second class overall that earnt a 5 star promotion within the 1st try.

And with an link.


fuck… fuck… fuck… i was just trying to level up my mule char…

i guess now i have more space fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck