The Death Thread


OHHH RIP… it’s a lesson u hafts learn I guess…l it rly sucks tho :pensive:


I was trying to teleport to this dude calling udl but someone called aliens right after and I got insta killed


Me become dead by golems in halls - byebye mseal you were kinda boring tbh


I know that feel… just don’t repeat it or end up doing it 4 times in total like me


I don’t really post my deaths, but I witnessed an unfortunate turnout

They all popped at the same time.


I was pretty much the only one doing dancing phase in this O2, because a lot of people died


My dearest character! Very close to reaching the top 100 assassins, and with an irreplaceable dagger and my first/only murky. I cannot BELIEVE that just happened. In a realm halls, just finished clearing the last pot and headed to the Troom. By far my highest ever fame character, and highest playtime character (well over 2000 minutes played, don’t know if there is a way to check that now). Over 50 Oryx kills. I am crushed. I was hoping to take this character up to tens of thousands of base fame. You will be missed. I may even retire the Stheno skin for a year or so for memory’s sake. Unbelievable.


Rest In Piece. Such a great character, such a great class. He will be missed. Ima switch my skin to mini stheno in his honor. If u ever wanna farm sews, hit me up, I’ll always be happy to help out a fellow assassin player! Rest In Piece.


@MicFiggles Ate O2’s Sun and got popped like that.

@Pirated Wasted by something… Oryx-related.

@Delerium Looks like that dude cannot dance properly…


all 5 of you /s


Theres That many??


Who’s the fifth?


Ickabod maybe


Crashed into O3 and got rekt by Gemsbok like that!


From a couple days ago:

@Denski did not remember how to dance


It was his 7/8 Bard. Big F. I lost few 7/8’s to O2’s Sun Phase few time (and still does not know how to handle it).


“I’m gonna go sit on him.”


An 8/8 ate Key of Light’s AP shotgun. That also almost happened to me multiple times. Big F.


2 8/8s and 4-5 other characters got popped


highest death fame so far at least