The Death Thread


I’ve done 2 chief beisa boss battles. One was in a discord, the other was public. I completed the public one safely but died in the discord one.

Not too happy about losing my pixie and my oryx seal.


What about that Omni?


I mean I guess. But tbh I’m not really a fan of Omni. I prefer a crown over Omni. In my opinion, omni is just a flex ring and that’s about it.


@Schwein and @Sparkiesen Leucoryx is tough, still.

@Dhkgs Decimated!

[@]Schwein, again, and someone who I couldn’t quite capture.

@Necosoul, @Sefa, and @Jakubekxxx Gemsbok takin’ names.

Drat, I should not try O3s on Bards ">w>
yes that’s a 0/8, I know


Episode two of me getting rekt by Gemsbok again. He was so critically injured (less than 5% HP as shown in the screen) but still died with other 2 dudes…


Gemsbok is the only one I’ve actually tried (in vc testing, lol) and I didn’t make it very far


8 Deaths in Cnidarian reef, One 8/8, Two 2/6.


more mad about the stupid portal not giving any warning before suddenly materializing and insta-ing me.

replaced him real quick anyway, but it doesn’t feel the same :pensive:


Was my first time fighting these guys as a melee class and didn’t expect it to lunge yet.
Was so sudden I didn’t actually see it happen.
Definitely time for a break…


tip, just get your sb and back off and let range deal with it. sure, it isn’t fun and it’s cowardly but unfun and cowardly is better than losing your life


Wrong, who cares if I die or not as long as I have fun? Killing Septavius with EP and then again with Bulwark on a different character, soloing dungeons I should not, and generally playing recklessly (solo, so as not to hurt other players) is always the most fun I have in this game. Lose a character? That’s okay it’s literally just some freaking pixels. Were some of those pixels more rare? Yeah, but they’re just rarer pixels, still pixels.


what’s so fun about getting insta’d. i’d just rather survive another day and fight better designed bosses, besides rebuilding isn’t too fun either


not with that attitude, it isn’t


idk best part about this game is rebuilding. unless…



Evil water


@Imthegamer Gaming no more.

@ZYNK and @GgDrathorn iirc Drathorn and Gamer both died to a Miasma portal…during the “ragged knaves” phase. Yeah. Zynk got knife’d.


@Krzwasd Sat on by the Prismimic in its final phase. It’s a rather nasty one!


The first one hadn’t actually died yet, I was just tryna be close enough to hit it.

Replying here to not add more to the thread. @Twitchystr

I’ll keep that in mind for next time I’m playing a melee class. Though that’ll be a ways away.


Ah. Then I’d advise you to hit it right after it rushes.


server lag…