The Death Thread


I was trying out High Tech Terror with my wizard and it didn’t go well because I ended up losing my first tablet. The O3 runes event is fun and all, but I still can’t finish O3 yet. Just the minibosses!:sob:


Meanwhile I tried to rush OT when I have Zoom meeting with my Physic teacher (I’m high school senior). She was telling me “Hello, are you listening?”. I unmute my mic 1st but then got mugged quite fast. First OT death and 3rd 7/8 Priest BTW. If I use my UBDef instead, I would have the chance to either heal or Nexus.

Gonna deal with it either way.


I had a server lag yesterday too. I was carrying a Light Blue star dude when raiding Manor but then that lag spike made both of us ran back to Nexus.


My 2 year long warrior finally finds defeat. May she rest in peace.


oh my god did you get sat on? thats the worst way to go and its my personal nightmare post celest


nooooooo… was ina different tab and the water spawned and i didnt see it… hovered my mouse over it and saw that screen was shaking, didnt realize i was taking damage… crap… there goes one of my 8/8s :frowning: that puts my account back a lot… i am actually sad rn


See so many 8/8 graves now, I think just so many people playing mostly or only with them. Rare to see one of the Unity Campaign variants though; RIP @OryxHugger


rip colo/mercy/crown/max dps
couldnt see the shots in sun phase :confused:


I may have the gut to slap a Jugg on a petless Warrior but not for O3 raid…

Big F to her 8/8 Jugg Warrior. ;(


lag in event cemetary… very dangerous


i see me : ^ )


@RealmDjimi That’s one…

@TripWorld and the recently-whitestarred @Eostra, for two and three…

and @Bagon, @ChubbChamp, and @VanHlnten for four, five, plus one makes six total. Dang.


That harakiri Eostra committed, is exactly how I got my white star.


I don’t !?


Yeah, I couldn’t find him either


shotghost :wink:


They achieved 2000 living base fame, actually. I was with them in the Cemetery where they got it.


Am I blind? I still don’t see anyone’s named shotghost


Fat stonks.


lagged for 0.0001 seconds and got sat on by a key. what a great day to be alive