The Death Thread


Try getting better?

by telling your computer to not lag repeatedly and if it disobeys repeatedly punish by whipping and smashing it. If it still does not comply then torture it. Classical social conditioning.


I am not sure if smashing the computer is the right way to go about it, but whatever you say…


I hate to break it to you, but you aren’t alive…


my name b in the chat mon



What the heck


Oh dang I’m an idiot


Stop spamming or you will be kicked :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:


How do you post that video?


by posting it


No but how??



No matter how fun it was running around glands with Genesis. Some things are best left till maxed defense.
(Pro tip, don’t type at cem spawn locations and the alien armors wont save you)


that is one cursed set


I literally don’t have a clue why they put that in the game, it is actually the stupidest thing ever


Yes. All my tiered items are on my mule and I can’t access them the whole time, so I just through some random items I had on my main on. Alien armor is cursed, never using it again.


I wish it could be programmed to absorb the killing blow rather than become triggered within a certain hp range. It already seems rare enough being a white drop on an already uncommon enemy, but that weakness is very noticeable with enemies with high shots. A shame, really…

Although I have yet to get one and would probably wear it to say that I did


Should have used UBDef instead.


Please sakura, stop doing off topic comments.

UBDEF wouldn’t have changed anything anyway


Almost that exact same thing happened to me yesterday. Luckily I was unmaxed and not wearing anything good, but I was carrying a bulwark, the most fun weapon to use ever (not even being sarcastic). I managed to back out in time while flashing red, but I backed out into a medusa