The Death Thread


The is but some times Unity doesn’t render things being thrown so the can just appear


I kinda want to now


lost my mystic :slight_smile:


Imma name my assassin PPE Greg.


I thought I nexused, gosh darnit 8(
I’m mostly miffed at the Shadows loss, since I only have one other, and I don’t envision the Void being doable publicly easily in the near future…


Rest in peace Moranidal


seems like the “just dodge lmao” flew right over my boys head smh


yeah just dodge the tiles on the ground that hurt you


unexpected death (screenshot from a friend)




That. Happened. To. Me.


A confusing enemy came up from the outside without any corona distance and killed me instantly. I did not see it before I was dead.


I nickname my characters if they were significant. It became more important later when my sister started playing so that we could immediately identify a character to reference its feats. My first 8/8 5 starred character was my “Golden Boy” archer as a Huntsman skin with a golden yellow dye. It died dragging a group of masses (successfully) away from a crowd to avoid a massacre. I was too stubborn to nexus lol


It died a hero


Posted 6 years ago on r/RotMG. Had no clue.

rip sorc


@Shatter rip man 3 new tops lost at least


yeah that was so dumb of me, i did 15 O3 on my sin, finished 4 of them its whole life then i go in with a priest and die to besia of all them xD


you got 3 new tops in 4 runs dude? holy fk bro




You can imagine how upset i am…

on the bright side first O3 0/8 :smiley: